Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Drew Alan Melander is Born

Drew was born on April 2, 2009 and weighed 7 lb 14 oz. He was just over 21 inches long. It was my hardest delivery by far so im glad its over, but he is healthy and beautiful. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with 3 kids and my mom hasnt even left yet. She got here a couple days late cause the Redoubt Volcano kept erupting and they kept closing the airport. Carter and Jake are enjoying have Grandma around again. Carter loves to look at Drew and laugh at him, but he doesnt like holding him. Jake likes to hold him, but is really having a hard time sharing the attention with him. We are glad he is finally here!


Britani said...

Hey Karen, he looks like a keeper. It's great to see pictures of you guys. We miss you!! The kids wanted to go see the baby when they found out grandma was going. They know you live in Alaska and that it's far away, but they think Tremonton is far away and we go there sometimes, so they figured we could just drive to Alaska and visit you. They still talk about Carter and Jake all the time. Well, good luck with everything. Love you guys!!

Mindy and Ryan said...

Ok, Karen...the boys are adorable. I get on your blog almost everyday so see what else you have posted. You must be busy with three little ones and I must not have much of a life! :)
Are those Jake's glasses? If so, I didn't know he had glasses!
We sure miss you guys. Adam really wanted Carter to come to his birthday party. After he realized Carter wasn't coming, he decided he would just go to Alaska to see Carter...he was a little disappointed when he found out he couldn't do that either.
Thanks for calling. It was great to hear from you.