Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Visit to the Ocean

Chris wanted to get some salt water for this new fish tank so we loaded up the van and picked him up from work and drove down to Kincaid Park. We took the double stroller and the wagon, dinner and some buckets and bags for carrying back water mud. We were quite the caravan on the mile walk down the path to the ocean. Once the paved path ended we had to walk a short distance on a dirt path and that was VERY steep. Chris held Drew and all the gear and I held Jake and down we went. Carter did it all by himself. When at the ocean we sat on driftwood and ate our dinner and watched the tide go out. Then we walk around in the mud left behind after the tide and found cool rocks. Then we played in the sand. On the way home it was ALL uphill. I pushed Drew and Jake up and Chris pull his treasures up from the Ocean along with Carter in the wagon eating potato chips. That must have been heavy. But it was fun and we will go back!!

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Mindy and Ryan said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast! The boys are getting so much bigger too! You look really good by the way...didn't you just have a baby???????