Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wildlife Cruise in Resurrection Bay

We rode on a boat called "Orca Song." Our captain had 2 hooks for arms. At first we thought it was a joke but he really didn't have any arms. His scents of humor made up for it!

This is a fellow ship passing by. Our boat was about this size!

We saw lots of Glaciers! The aqua blue colors in them was fascinating!

Here is a couple scenery pictures! 2 out of the 270 that we took!

We saw Puffins and lots of other neat birds

This is me taking in the Sea Breeze. The scenery was amazing! This is why I moved to Alaska!

We saw lots of huge rocks covered with Sea Otters. Dad, they asked when you were going to come visit!!!

We went to Seward with plans to stay 3 days and nights. It was raining and kinda cold so we cut our trip in half but we got in what we wanted to. We camped right by the ocean, looked in tide pools, hiked to Exit Glacier, and went on a wildlife tour on the ocean. We saw sea otters, jelly fish, dolphins, puffins but NO WHALES! Darn. It was alittle stressful with 3 kids and little baby, but overall it was way fun and totally worth it.

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Jayci said...

looks BEAUTIFUL. :) I bet it was an experience to remember..