Thursday, August 13, 2009

Picking Blueberries

The water in this river was as clear as drinking water! It is the most beautiful river I have ever seen!
The road up to Hatcher's Pass. The most beautiful scenery I have ever seen!

Drew hanging out in the bushes!

Carter helped us pick but he wouldn't eat any! Crazy kid!

Chris and the boys picking Blueberries. Jake just ate them the whole time!

The Blueberries I picked

We went up to Hatcher's Pass at Independence Mine to pick Blueberries. I tried to get my aunt to go with me so she could show me the good spots but she couldnt go so I decided I better go anyways or I might miss my chance. That is the most BEAUTIFUL country I have ever seen in my life. Imagine gigantic mountains, completely covered in green with blueberries all over them and this stream going through them with clean, clear water and the temperature is perfect! (okay maybe it was alittle chilly) It is what I image paradise to look like. Between feeding drew and helping the kids, I didnt get to pick a very long time, but I loved being there and taking pictures. I will definitely be going back


Sharee said...

This makes me wish I was there...maybe we should move. Just kidding! Glad you had a good time!

Adventures in Petersonland said...

yeah! im glad you guys made it over there! did you see a lot of blueberries? what a beautiful place, i love alaska!

Liz said...

Wow...those are beautiful pictures! Jeff and I are trying to decide where to go on vacation next summer and it's down to Alaska or Canada. Those beautiful pictures just might tip the scales! I love the photo of the car seat in the bushes. Adorable!!

Jayci said...

i love this place too. and good for you getting out there to pick some yummIness!!