Friday, March 12, 2010

Im back in Track

I REALLY needed a break from the kids so after thinking about what I would most want to do with my time, if I had it, would be to be involved in sports again so I called the Eagle River High school so see if they needed a jump coach for the track team and sure enough they did so after meeting the head coach I am now the High School Jump coach. (For those if you who dont know, I high jumped for 6 years in middle and High School) I found a high school girl in our ward to come babysit for me after school for 2 hours and I get time off doing what I love. So far its been fun. We havent started jumping yet, but after conditioning we will start this next week. Chris has been totally supportive of me doing this which I am so thankful for. I hope I can keep doing this each year wherever I may be!!

This is me 10 years ago. Look how tan I was!!!


Mindy and Ryan said...

That is so neat, Karen! I had no idea that you used to do that, but it certainly doesn't surprise me! I'm glad you get the chance to do awesome!
Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Andrea said...

Way to go! I bet you'll have a blast and be an awesome coach. I wish you were my coach in high school...ours were a bit lacking (at least the ones I worked with).

Melissa said...

Good for you! I have never high jumped before. That is great that you get to do something you really love. Hope it goes well for you. I wish I could have a body like that gal in the picture too. One day maybe.

Liz said...

That's awesome news and it's even better that it's something you enjoy doing! Have fun!!

Jayci said...

wow wow and wow!!! how fun is that going to be!? I'm excited for you. :)