Thursday, April 23, 2009

All 4 boys


Mindy and Ryan said...

Well Karen, you are definately out numbered! I wish I could see little Drew! He sure looks cute! I can't believe how big Carter and Jake are though! They grew up fast! Adam has been asking about Carter, especially since his birthday! I hope you are all well. Are you getting any sleep?

The Melanders said...

Yes I am doing good. Carter still asks about how he can get money to go back to Idaho. It makes me sad sometimes, but overall he likes it here. The weather is getting nice and we are playing outside. I LOVE not being pregnant. We still havent decided if Alaska is where we want to be longterm. We love it, its just so far away. We hope to come visit next summer. Yeah

These Four Walls said...

Hey Karen! I'm so glad you found us! We miss you too and think of you often. Your kids are so grow up and your new baby is darling!

Gotta love blogs! Let's keep in touch :)!