Monday, May 11, 2009

Chris turns 28!!

I picked up Chris on his birthday after work and took him to a new park I heard about that overlooks the ocean and has some beautiful trails. We ate cupcakes, opened gifts and took a walk. We saw some some huge ships and a little tug boat in the water. It was a beautiful day!


Mindy and Ryan said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! Looks like a lot of fun! And its good to see you guys are in jackets! :)

Snyder Family said...

Hey guys, sorry Sheryl told us where we could find you. You look so cute all of you. Drew is so cute. Your other boys are growing up so fast. We hope you are enjoying Alaska. We sure miss you around here though. I know Grandma Melander sure misses you. That is all she talks about. We love you and hope that all are healthy and well. Please email me your email address so I can add you to our family blog site. We are a private one so I will add you. Just email me at
Thanks love you, Melissa and Lance Snyder